Think Silicon Valley with family values

That’s a big statement, right? Just wait till you see what we’re up to.

Our philosophy on technology is simple: don't settle for the ‘standard’ way of doing things. Set your own rules, rather than waiting for permission from the status quo. We’ve 110 years of heritage with the spark of a start-up, and we’re not slowing down.
We’re a technology business first and foremost, and technology plays a crucial role in our mission to provide the best customer shopping experience in the world. We’ve got our very own in-house R&D team developing cutting-edge technology. Our data and analytics team are constantly evolving proprietary networks to capture user analytics and serve our customers with the most relevant and personalised content. And that’s not to mention our totally bespoke in-house AI systems, that rival the very best in the global industry.

For us, innovation is more than a buzzword. Innovation is your initiative to improve the world. It’s in your desire not just to think big, but to ACT big, and extend your boundaries.

Our culture is excited by change and bringing new ideas into the world - because real innovation never stops. And if that excites you too, then we’d love to meet you.

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