Cutting-edge science & technology

To deliver the world’s best shopping experience, we have to be ahead of the curve. We need to know what our customers want, when they want it and at what price. We need to make interactions simple and delivery fast. And we need to ensure that the entire experience is personal and memorable.

This means truly understanding our market and developing cutting-edge technology to transform that understanding into repeatable, scalable processes.

Artificial Intelligence and R&D

Our R&D team of engineers create cutting-edge technologies used in every area of the business, from pricing algorithms to machine-learning delivery optimisation.

They’re led by our Head of Research & Development, Felipe Ramirez Lastrico, a brilliant mathematician and statistical modelling engineer, who specialises in neural networks, genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Our entire business strategy is driven by neuroscience.
Our in-house Neurostrategy team, the first of its kind in Australia, is dedicated to creating personalisation at an unprecedented, deeply human level.

The team is headed by our Chief Strategist, Katharina Kuehn, a leading consumer neuroscientist and expert in tapping into the nonconscious, emotional nature of human decision making - and what it means for neuroscientific customer segmentation, brand positioning strategy, ecommerce, conversion optimisation, UX, marketing and sales.

Data & Innovation

Our Data & Innovation team provides deep insights into the behaviour of our customers - both on-site and off. They’ve developed proprietary technologies for capturing and processing real time event analytics to assist in neuroscientific customer profiling, enabling the Group’s personalisation strategy.

Our Head of Data & Innovation, Tim Griffin, is a gifted computer scientist with a long history in web development, e-commerce and conversion optimisation.

Information Technology

A significant part of our family is made up of developers and engineers - and they’re some of the best in Australia. They have a hand in the efficient operation of all our business units, and are key to the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Dax Lee, hails from San Francisco. He’s been in the industry since 1994, working for some of the world’s biggest brands and innovative Silicon Valley startups, including Netcom, CBS Interactive, Tribal Worldwide and EVB.

Digital Marketing

From using machine learning to measure the results of advertising, to automating and personalising the marketing experience to individual visitors, our digital marketing is all about data-driven creativity.

The Appliances Online marketing team, for example, is headed by Lucas Ng, a digital marketing veteran and a veritable guru in the world of SEO. Before joining the Winning Group in 2013, Lucas was Online Marketing Manager and Director of Search and Analytics for Fairfax Media, and also worked closely with Rand Fishkin at

UX & Human Factors Engineering

Our UX team’s rigorous testing and measurements ensure our progress in R&D is guided and validated by data rather than opinion.

Our user experience legends use advanced recording and analytics to compile fundamental data-driven insights. They then collaborate with our design and development teams to bring our neurostrategy and personalised user experience to life.

"Today’s disruptive changes in the marketplace require strategic action. To build our competitive advantage, we take a First Principles approach. Any innovation we engage in starts with the question: "What do we know about our customers' innate needs when they shop with us?" We then use this fundamental understanding to get to a solution that addresses those needs in new and better ways."

Katharina Kuehn, Chief Strategy Officer, Winning Group

A century of firsts

We’ve always done things differently… right from our foundation in 1906.


Opening of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest retail showroom, with 50+ prestige brands including Miele, Gaggenau, Asko, Sub-Zero and Wolf


The world’s first completely neuroscience-driven business strategy, including all areas of strategic positioning, brand, UX, marketing and people


Australia’s first artificial intelligence (AI) appliance pricing algorithm


Introduced free, next-day delivery to Australia


Australia’s first online retailer for major domestic appliances

Early 1980s

Introduced warehouse clearance sales with Impala Kitchens at Liverpool

Early 1980s

Designed America’s first stainless steel sink (for Lady Mary Fairfax’s apartment in the New York Pierre)


Pioneered appliance showrooms with products attractively displayed in kitchen settings


Australia’s first showroom with every model, in every colour, from every manufacturer

Late 1970s

Pioneered dishwasher, microwave, downdraught extractor demonstrations in Australia

Approx 1970

Australia’s first wall oven showroom


Australia’s first appliance installation service for builders


Introduced free removal of old appliances to Australia


Introduced front-load washing machines to Australia


Signed business deal with manufacturer Simpson and grew to include new premises and spare parts division


Expanded business into appliances to meet increasing demand for new products


Established R.W. Winning & Co. business, specialising in hardware and horse and carriage trade