Our values

For all our innovation, the one thing that’s never changed is our commitment to integrity. We’ve remained true to our values and, above all, true to our customers.

Unlike other companies, our 9 company values are not just something we post on the walls (although we do that too). We live and breathe our values - just ask anyone who works with us!

Embrace change

If we never change, we never improve. So we embrace change no matter who initiates it.

Own your role

If you see a way you can do things better, make it happen. If you see a way you can help make someone else’s work more efficient, do it.

One in, all in

It’s surprising how different work feels when you know you’re not in it alone.

You’ve got to be kidding

Fun and jokes are a huge part of who we are at the Winning group. It’s not just about levity; it’s about sharing.

Impress every customer

Exceed your customer’s expectations by going the extra mile, every time.

Family matters

A good work life balance is essential - not just to your work performance and your sanity but also to our culture.

Assume every problem is solvable

Obviously not every problem can be resolved, but most can. So when you encounter a problem, assume there’s a solution.

Be respectful

Respect your teammates. Make their day better by being friendly, helpful, giving and humble.

Be proud of your differences

At the Winning group we don’t just embrace difference - we celebrate it.

Exceptional has many faces

An extraordinary customer experience demands exceptional people.
Not just at the front line of customer service, but in every role, at every level of our business.

So when we interview new people, some of the qualities we look for are: Will they go above and beyond whenever a customer needs it? Will they measure their own effectiveness by the satisfaction of their customers (whether their customers are internal or external)? Will they pitch in to help their colleagues, even if the task isn’t in their job description? Will they constantly look for new and better ways to make their customer’s life easier, rather than ways to make their own life easier? And finally, will they be friendly, giving, humble and respectful towards their teammates?

In other words, we want to know that everyone who works for us shares our values. Because only then will we know we’re working towards the same goals.

Meet our value champions

Overall value champion

Ben Merchel

Ben Merchel, our NSW Transport Manager, has been a consistent nominee in our Value Awards over the years. He’s been with the company for over 16 years, starting on the trucks and working his way up to the daily management of our fleet of delivery drivers. Ben is the true embodiment of our proactive, family approach at the Winning Group.

Own your role

James Bartlett

James is a Business Development Manager in our Appliances Online Commercial team. Since starting in the role of Engine Room Sales Consultant 5 years ago, he’s always been looking for ways to improve not only the efficiency and success of his team, but the wellbeing of everyone around him. You’ll often see James in the office on weekends following up with

Be respectful

Virginia Pacella

Virginia first started with us in Head Office, and gradually progressed to the role of DC Administration Team Leader, so she’s been directly involved with our customers through every part of the process, and at every step of the way. Throughout her years in sales, installation and delivery, she’s respectfully and patiently guided our staff and customers through any and all issues to a positive resolution.

Impress every customer

Troy Sharpe

Troy is one of our most respected delivery drivers, and to good reason! He exemplifies our mission to impress every customer in every part of his role and his attitude. Not only does he show utmost respect and courtesy to every customer, but he goes the extra step in providing customers with information on their new purchase, in accommodating those last-minute requests to take away old appliances or install them, and delivering a memorable delivery experience for every one of his customers.

Assume every problem is solvable

Nicholas Rivett

Nick is one of our Back-end developers for Appliances Online. When he’s not fixing bugs or refining our development process, he’s often seen scurrying around the office with one of any number of issues, even if they’re not specifically relevant to his role..

NPS Superstar

Steve Hardie

Steve is one of our legendary delivery drivers, and a real-life everyday hero of the Winning Group. Steve gives our customers a WOW moment after every delivery - no matter how tough or demanding. Our customers simply can’t get enough of his incredible service - they’re always raving about his service in our weekly customer Testimonials, and he’s built an unbelievably consistent NPS customer satisfaction rating to show for it!

Be proud of your differences

Ro Draman

Ro is a Sales Consultant in our Winning Commercial team. While she’s always encouraged people to open up about their their individual stories, or even just how their day is going, her decision to publicly share her story for R U OK Day took tremendous courage. She opened up to our entire business about her quirks, her struggles and her differences, all in the name of mental health awareness.

You’ve got to be kidding

David Hodgson

David, one of our Sales & Customer Service Team Leaders, has been with the Winning Group for a long time; 28 years, in fact, across the whole business. He’s almost as old as the business itself (that’s what he’d say, anyway). David’s a Winning legend in his own special way - his ‘unique’ character and brand of humour gives our Head Office an extra ray of

One In, All In

Amy Hynes

Amy is a Sales consultant in our Winning Commercial Sales team. From the moment she started with the Group, she’s been proactively involved in the induction of every member of her team, showing them the ropes and encouraging everyone to contribute in whatever way they can. If she sees you struggling, she’ll stop what she’s doing to make sure you’re

Embrace change

Jason Rigby

Jason is constantly faced with challenging delivery scenarios, yet he’s always positive and willing to step outside his comfort zone to deliver amazing customer experiences. If he sees an opportunity to help a customer or make a delivery more special, he’ll go ahead and do it. One of our customers, Norma, wrote to us to say that Jason had not only delivered her cooktop - he’d also removed labels from the dishwasher that she hadn't been able to get off, cleaned all the surfaces, and even phoned her later to check if she'd been able to have the cooktop installed.

Family matters

Tim Collings

You’d normally forgive a warehouse manager for not having enough time in the day...but Tim, our Western Australia DC Manager, is never too busy to give anyone a hand. Tim treats his warehouse family as he would his own - manning the admin desks, personally delivering to customers outside of work hours when something didn’t go as planned, and generally being

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